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Our pride & joy.


Suppliers include:

Certified Black Angus, Robbins Islands - Full Blood, Grass-fed Wagyu.



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Free-range and premium pork products from Gooralie & Murray Valley Pork


Always tender, juicy & absolutely delicious.


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Chickens, geese, duck , turkey, guinea fowl, pheasant, quail, spatchcock & poultry livers.


Organic options also



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Our lamb range includes produce from award winning suppliers including New England Gold


Sovereign Lamb.



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Oils, vinegars, stocks cheeses, meat rubs, marinades & more.


We stock a great range of delicatessen & everyday grocery items


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Hand-made with fresh ingredients. 


We make more than twenty different flavours of sausage and they're all gluten free.


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Limited time to spend in the kitchen?

You’ll love our ‘READY TO COOK’ range.
Ready to cook
meals, prepared
by us, for you!



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